THE AMERICANS Episode Recap: “Mutually Assured Destruction”

The title for The Americans really said it all this week, didn’t it? There is a secret war going on that no one wants to become full-fledged combat, regarding both the U.S. and the Jennings’ marriage. Parallels! That being said, the Jennings’ marriage (one of the strangest yet most honestly portrayed ones on TV) went to some dark, sad places this week whereas the rest of us got a history lesson. I said early on in The Americans that the show presumed probably a little too much from the audience in terms of a deep knowledge / understanding of that time period and the political motivations within it. This week, the show did a good job of having the characters ask some pretty straight-forward questions about why the U.S., if it knows but doesn’t "know" that the Russians are targeting the country, retaliate? "We do not want to start a war," was the straight-forward reply. Hit the jump for why we just have to "act like nothing happened." READ MORE...


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