Olympus Has Fallen - Review

In Olympus Has Fallen, how do North Korean terrorists go about capturing the White House and taking the leader of the free world (Aaron Eckhart) hostage? By employing a rogue fighter jet, a handful of suicide bombers, a garbage truck with a hidden machine gun, and one very highly placed saboteur. That's the grabby, ''innovative'' section of this otherwise brutally routine Die Hard-in-the-White-House thriller, directed by Antoine Fuqua (Training Day) with his usual slam-bang, cutthroat aggression but with almost nothing in the way of surprise or genuine, organic suspense. In Air Force One, Harrison Ford made a powerfully convincing U.S. president; Aaron Eckhart, not so much. (He seems more like a testy press secretary on some rerun of The West Wing.) Nevertheless, the movie keeps rubbing our noses in how high the stakes are, with ominous images of a tattered Old Glory used to symbolize the impending ''fall of America.'' READ MORE...


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