Supernatural 8.17 Review: Choice and Consequence

How does one accurately describe this week’s episode of Supernatural? Do words like "impressive", "superb" and "memorable" suffice? Because "Goodbye Stranger" was all of those things and so much more. It was an episode that had a lot of themes and throwbacks to earlier seasons (kudos to Robbie Thompson, who has done his homework on the earlier seasons, despite not joining the show until season 7). In fact, Thompson has proven himself a standout writer on Supernatural, penning memorable meta episodes like "Slash Fiction" or comedy gold like the two Felicia Day episodes. He has a touch of the subtle, writes terrific dialogue for all of the characters and blends comedy and drama with equal measure. "Goodbye Stranger" was more dramatic than his previous episodes (with, perhaps, the exception of "Bitten", which covered heavy topics), but it packed an emotional punch that will resonate for a long time. And it killed off the longest-running demon in Supernatural history. But more on that unexpectedly sad moment later. READ MORE...


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