Arrow Preview: The Lances Look Into Sara's Possible Survival and Oliver Must Save Roy

Helena Bertinelli returned in this week's Arrow after learning that her father had cut a deal to turn on other mob families in exchange for going into witness protection. When she realized she needed help to find Frank, Helena returned to Starling City to ask Oliver for his assistance. He was against her wreaking havoc in town in order to get her revenge on her father but agreed to help her try and corner Frank on the way to his hearing. Unfortunately, it was a decoy and she was arrested. Oliver ended up saving her from the police and then ordered her out of town. Of course, Helena didn't go along with that plan and instead enlisted Felicity (against her will) to help her. Helena didn't end up getting her father, but she did shoot McKenna in order to escape. McKenna survived, but she needs to take a year in order to get rehab for her femur. And now that she's moving out of town to focus on her recovery, she and Oliver have broken up. READ MORE...


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