Lightfields Series 1 Episode 4 (ITV) Review

We’re just one week from finding out all the nasty little secrets of Lightfields but, before we get there, there’s still a lot of detective work to do. This week splits the action almost equally between the three time periods, illustrated nicely by the non-existent transition shots between the storylines, and the end pulls a genuinely chilling moment out of the bag at last. Starting with Eve in the ‘40s, she’s no closer to finding out who set the barn on fire, but has been able to rule a few people out. Through flashback we learn that Dwight and Lucy had consensual sex, he left straight afterwards, and Mr Fellwood stumbled onto the scene by accident. The guilt that’s been bubbling under all of this time was about their nasty conversation, but not about the murder of his daughter. Telling her to never come home when he discovers her indiscretion, those last words ringing in his ears almost drives him to suicide. READ MORE...


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