Glee Season 4 Review “Guilty Pleasures”

That’s funny, I thought every episode of Glee was ‘Guilty Pleasures’ week? I jest, as we know that hasn’t been strictly true since the very early days of incessant Journey covers, but this week’s theme did come across as particularly arbitrary. With Will and Finn mysteriously sick and/or out of the country yadayada, Sam and Blaine decide to assign the glee club an assignment full of endless retro wonders. Whether you enjoyed the music this week depends entirely on your taste, but the episode was otherwise an exercise in clearing up loose ends. The big one was obviously Rachel and Brody, as well as Blaine’s ongoing attraction to Sam and Jake and Marley’s still-tentative relationship. It was probably a good thing to get Finn and Will out of the way after last week’s embarrassing missteps, because I don’t think I could take any more of the douche-bag antics so soon after Finn’s unprovoked assault of Brody and Will’s inability to act like an adult. READ MORE...


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