'Once Upon a Time': Tamara comes to Storybrooke in 'Selfless, Brave and True'

Things are heating up on "Once Upon a Time," as Tamara comes to town and, from the looks of the above photograph, Neal tells her about the fairy tales and who they all are. Hmm.Below, Henry is going to spend some time with his, but first, Neal has to break it to Emma that Tamara is coming to Storybrooke. He also has to tell her that Captain Hook is once again on the loose. Emma is pretty stunned about another "regular" person coming to Storybrooke -- yeah, we can't imagine this will end well.And below that clip, Geppetto confesses to Snow about the wardrobe transporting both Emma and August to our world. Snow slaps him -- her heart is growing blacker all the time, guys. Uh oh.Can Snow's heart darkening be reversed? We're excited to watch her character in particular over the end of Season 2. "Once Upon a Time" airs Sunday nights at...



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