Movie Review: The Croods Is an Animated Tale Smart Enough for a Caveman

“Never not be afraid” is the motto of the family of dysfunctional cavemen in Fox’s new animated film, but for a film that’s ostensibly about the fear of the unknown, The Croods sure feels familiar. Fox, of course, is the same studio that’s made a mint off the Ice Age films, and while the talent behind it is different, this new film similarly has fun juxtaposing prehistoric reality with modern gags. Along the way, it also presents a skin-deep meditation on the age-old conflict between brute force and brainpower and between terrified ignorance and rational thought. Lest you mistake any of it for social satire, however, the opening set piece gives us an extended game of caveman rugby involving the family stealing, and playing keep-away with, a giant egg while a variety of fantastical prehistoric creatures tries to take it from them — or, as they call it, “breakfast.” Read More...


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