Grimm Season 2 Review “Mr. Sandman”

This week’s Grimm may have been one of the grossest they’ve ever done. The beast of the week was a fly-like man who blinded his victim by blowing sand into their eyes, making them cry, and then sucking on their eyeballs with his nasty, slimy tongue. If that wasn’t bad enough, Fly-man also deposited African parasites onto the victims’ eyes, and the only way to stop him was to scoop out his eye with a spoon and ground it into a paste. Blech. Though most of the action centered on Fly-man, the episode did an excellent job of advancing the other storylines. Adalind went to visit a gypsy-looking Wesen and told her about her pregnancy. Adalind said that the father is Renard and his brother. It’s unclear how exactly that works. Is she pregnant with twins? Do royal children need two fathers? The meeting resulted in further intrigue as to what Adalind needs the gypsy to help her with and in what way the offspring will be "valuable." READ MORE...


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