Touch Season 2 Review “Reunions”

In this episode of Touch we found out who had kidnapped Amelia, said a brief hello to a character and bid farewell to another character. Emotions ran pretty high and we were reminded of just how cold and murderous Aster Corp. is. A few thoughts about "Reunions": We didn’t have to wait long to find out who had kidnapped Amelia. Aster Corp., under the direction of Calvin’s ex-friend Tony, is the one who broke into Calvin’s house, killed his mother, and kidnapped Amelia. They were continuing tests on her, and Calvin’s assistant Case was helping them. It wasn’t really clear whether he knew they were coming from the outset or whether he just made a deal for his life when they got to the house to kill him. Either way, he’s now in deep with the wrong people. I’m relatively certain that Tony knows Case is the one who helped Martin find Amelia, and I wonder if they’ve "disposed" of him. Aster Corp is not exactly shy about getting rid of people they don’t think they need. READ MORE...


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