Shameless Season 3 Episode 10 “Civil Wrongs”

Shameless "Civil Wrongs" Season 3 episode 10 airs Sunday March 24 2013 at 9 pm on Showtime. Episode synopsis: Shameless Season 3 Episode 10 "Civil Wrongs" – Just when Fiona has settled into her job and found some structure to her life, Jimmy drops a bomb on her, while Frank revels in being the face of the gay-rights movement, and sees a way to make even more money out of his newfound celebrity. READ MORE...


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Apr 15, 2013 4:59PM EDT

Fell behind a bit on this show and just catching up now, but of course it continues to be great. One thing that threw me off is that usually the show tries to balance the lightness and dark by having the two Gallagher pillars experiencing opposite fortunes - Frank is up when Fiona's down and vice versa. However, as this episode started (and as "Frank the Plumber" setup) they're both doing well with Fiona's new job and Frank's new con as the gay right's man working out so well, that they have to change things up to keep the trademark Shameless balance of humor and heartbreak...and this time both Gallagher's sort of crash at the same time with Frank being exposed and Fiona being crushed by Jimmy's return to law school. What great setup and execution.

Also, as always great music in this one, especially in some of the best scenes. 1985's "A Beautiful Life" was a great choice for when Veronica announces that she and Kev are having a baby, as was Fellow Bohemian's “It Takes So Little” when Ian tells Lip about Mickie’s girlfriend - both songs fit not only for their sound and vibe, but also lyrically with the scenes which is nice to know that the producers put some thought into it. I also really liked that they used "Firehouse" by Middle Distance Runner when Fiona’s new friend at work invites her to lunch, although that didn't have much actual tie-in with the scene but it's still a great song.

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