House of Lies Season 2 Review “Exit Strategy”

So, is it me, or does "House of Lies" have the oddest habit of pulling its punches right after they’ve released them? That’s a weird "Exit Strategy," yet the show has done it time & again. For instance, earlier this season, they had Marty all but start a fight with the police after carefully outlining his brother as a political rabble-rouser, and then, just as it looked like a press war was about to go down…nothing happened. Just last week, we saw Marty’s ex Monica primed like a powder keg ready to blow and spectacularly so, then this week she shows up all business as usual, as if everything were hunky dory and she hadn’t just 86’d her entire way of living the episode beforehand. What the what? (Don’t get me wrong, I loved her curt dismissal of her "lesbian phase": "If I’ve learned anything from this experience, it’s that there’s no substitute for a good piece of meat," but still…) READ MORE...


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