Once Upon A Time Season 2 Review “Selfless, Brave, and True”

Things are never what they seem in Storybrooke. We learned last week that the stranger in town is Owen, the boy that Regina once tried to kidnap. He’s grown-up and fixated on finding his father. But, that doesn’t seem to be his entire plan. The episode starts off with a visit from Tamara, Neal’s fiancée. When Neal tells her that he’s actually from a magical land, Tamara accuses him of lying and storms out. This is all an act as it’s revealed that Tamara is actually Owen’s lover and has been helping him return to Storybrooke. The obvious result of this twist is that Neal will end up single again and that may allow for a rekindling of the Emma/Neal relationship. While it’s a nice idea that they could create a family with Henry, I’m just not feeling it. There is no chemistry between Emma and Neal. In fact, if there is such a thing as negative chemistry, that would be what they have. It’s not like how Emma was with Graham or Hook. READ MORE...


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