'The Good Wife': John Noble should win all the awards

We've said it many times -- John Noble's work on "Fringe" was one of the most overlooked television performances of the last five years. On Sunday's (March 24) episode of "The Good Wife," titled "Death of a Client," he proves it wasn't just a sci-fi fluke. Noble guest stars as Matthew Ashbaugh, a client of Alicia's who is murdered while walking down the street. The police approach Alicia for information about who would have wanted Ashbaugh dead and it leads to the audience experiencing Alicia's relationship with him via a series of flashbacks. It turns out Ashbaugh was particularly litigious and therefore dozens of people could have wanted him dead. The whys of the murder hardly matter -- it turns out to be a person whose dog barking had Ashbaugh up in arms. But it is revealed at the end that he kept finding people to sue because he so enjoyed spending time with Alicia....



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