Shameless Season 3 Review “Civil Wrongs”

What started as a way to get the benefits he felt he was owed becomes a fully-fledged life path for Frank in this week’s Shameless, ‘Civil Wrongs’ as the man is recruited by two opposing organizations in the gay rights movement. Of course, it’s always been about incentive for Frank, and he flits from one to the other depending on which is offering the most perks. It’s shocking to see him string words together considering how drunk he is most of the time, but it was hilarious to see Frank rouse his audience into applause and generous donating at the beginning of the episode. His talk to the high school might have been a little more risque, but at least he opened those kids’ eyes to the kind of characters they’re going to meet once they start frequenting seedy Chicago bars. Seeing the ruckus he’s causing, a religious conversion group approach Frank and offer to cure him of his homosexuality and, hearing of the luxury hotel suite and hordes of women they’ll apparently be providing, he accepts. READ MORE...


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