How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Review “The Fortress” and “The Time Travelers”

In the process of getting Robin and Barney to the altar, How I Met Your Mother has used the last few episodes to show us how the two of them have managed to get over the hurdles of their previous relationship habits in preparation for their future together. In "The Fortress," Robin and Barney agreed to sell Barney’s bachelor pad so they could start their new life together without the history of all of his previous conquests lurking in the background. To no one but Robin’s surprise, Barney was actually pretty resistant to the idea of letting just anyone move into his place. Where normal couples might have talked about a compromise – say a remodel to remove some of Barney’s sleazier contraptions – Robin and Barney went behind one another’s backs to get their way. Because Robin and Barney are fundamentally dysfunctional, Barney feigned cooperation and Robin held an open house without his permission. READ MORE...


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