Prisoners’ Wives Series 2 Episode 2 (BBC) Review

After the bloodshed and excitement of last week’s premiere of Prisoners’ Wives series two, this second episode lets the dust settle somewhat, but with each character still on shaky ground. Francesca and Paul set up their ‘legitimate business’, Gavin continues to exploit his mum so that he isn’t targeted by his ‘friends’ in prison, and Kim decides to take proving Mick’s innocence into her own hands. I suppose it has to be the way that, in a show about the wives and family of those locked up, the men of the story have to be a bunch of selfish miscreants. With the exception of Mick, who we are assuming right now is innocent of the accusations made by Jaden and his mother, each of these characters is hell-bent on messing up the lives of those closest to them, while still expecting them to be there to pick up the pieces after it’s all gone down. As Aisling says near to the beginning of the episode, it all feels like it’s the wrong way around, and that’s what makes Prisoner’s Wives such compelling viewing. READ MORE...


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