'Psych' - '100 Clues': Shawn channels Wadsworth in this exclusive sneak peek clip

You may have heard by now that "Psych" has a star-studded 100th episode, which pays homage to the 1985 cult classic "Clue." Viewers will be able to vote for the ending depending on who they think "did it."We've teased for you a couple treats, like a Madeline Kahn shout-out, and a collection of weapons that includes an acetylene torch and a paintball gun. Now check out this exclusive sneak peek clip, where Shawn (James Roday) channels his best Wadsworth the butler. -- plus, we've got more "Psych" Season 7 photos for you to feast your eyes on.Speaking of Wadsworth -- Tim Curry is not on the guest-star list for "100 Clues," since he has already been in the "Psych"-verse as Nigel St. Nigel, judge on "American Duos." But we're still keeping our fingers crossed for a cameo, a la Ray Wise in the "Twin Peaks" episode "Dual Spires."Either way, it's going to be an extremely...



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