This movie is easier to review than to watch.

Wow, where to begin? I went to see this movie at the midnight showing in theaters. The movie left me and every other person in the theater saying, "What the F*ck was that?!" and "What a waste of $10.50". The movie is almost literitly a long trailer. You always expect something more to happen and you wait to see whats going on, but you are constantly let down.

First off i want to let everyone know that they never explain what the monster is or anything about it. The plot line is better described like, "Monster kills people. Stupid people run from monster(s) and military can't kill it/them." Speaking of the monster, it was a good concept but nothing too spectacular and the little monsters weren't anything to be too excited about either. I won't go into detail about what the monster is like, but rest assured it ain't no Godzilla. The monsters you never really see that much.

The movie's ending was horrible, and the movie was very short. Most of the movie was filled with dumb one-liners from the camera man and talking. This movie might have been a tiny bit better if not shot in this style. If you are into shakey cams or a lot of talking about who had sex with who then you might actually like this movie.

Overall, not a movie i would recommend to anyone. A message to J.J.Abrams.. Stick with television shows. It may be alright for you to end with a cliffhanger in network television shows, but not in a movie. No one wants to leave the end of a movie disappointed and confused.

I rate this movie a 2. Effects were cool and the monster was alright but it could have been WAY WAY better.


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