New Girl "Chicago" Review - Welcome Home, Nick Miller

In this week's episode, "Chicago," New Girl continued its exploration of the man who has become this season's central character: Nick "I Panic Moonwalk Away From People" Miller. As I've stated in other New Girl reviews and as I'm sure other reviewers have also said, New Girl's second season really has been the season of Nick Miller. Therefore, it is fitting that we would get another episode that not only focuses heavily on Nick but actually introduces us to his home in Chicago and to the colorful individuals that make up his family, as Nick must deal with the weight and severity of his father, Walt, passing away. Overall, it's a fairly solid episode of New Girl that is more interested in dealing with the heavy emotions of Nick father's funeral than making us laugh, but "Chicago" still provides enough solid punchlines and wacky scenarios to make it funnier than 99% of the other sitcoms on TV. READ MORE...


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