Revolution Recap: The Rebels Take a Stand...But Who Doesn't Make It?

Revolution returned from an extended hiatus tonight with an episode that pitted Monroe and his newly-restored weapony against Miles and his fellow rebels. Who came out on top? And who died?! Divide and Conquer. The episode opened exactly where the last episode left off, with Miles, Charlie and their family and friends facing off against one of Monroe’s helicopters. As they ran for their lives, the chopper blew up an abandoned restaurant they had hidden in. Fortunately, the freezer where they had taken shelter remained intact. Later, as they went searching for help, they discovered that Monroe’s choppers had killed an entire group of rebels who were hidden in another outpost. After seeing the devastation, the group decided to split up. Rachel insisted that they find a way to fight back against Monroe, so she and Miles set off to find help from one of her former colleagues. Nora, meanwhile, went with Charlie, Danny and Aaron to warn the rebel central commanders in Annapolis. READ MORE...


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