Justified Season 4 Review “Peace of Mind”

Justified is winding down its season and wrapping up storylines. The Drew Thompson chase may be over, but there’s still the problem of Theo Tonin. Tonin is going to have Boyd and Raylan in his sights since both of them have kept him from getting Thompson. That means that next week’s finale is going to be the big showdown between Tonin’s gangsters and the good folks of Harlan County. The goal of this episode was pretty simple: wrap up the Ellen May/Ava and the Gutterson/Colt conflicts. It was anticlimactic considering the high drama of recent weeks, and everything was tied too neatly in a bow. It might have been better to let Ava shoot Ellen May and then have to accept the consequences. The Ellen May character was tolerable in the beginning of the season, but the more we see of her, the more irritating she becomes. I was glad to see Colt go, and, of course, Gutterson had to be the one to kill him. Look, I love Justified and I certainly don’t want this to be a show where the good guys die. But, stories like Gutterson’s are predictable. Enjoyable, but predictable. It might help to mix things up a bit. READ MORE...


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