Smash Season 2 Review “Bells and Whistles”

Now that we’ve established the two different zones for the characters on Smash, split between ‘Hit List’ and ‘Bombshell’, we can start looking at the individual struggles for each group. Tom is now the director of his very own Broadway musical, with Ivy in the lead, but he has no idea of how to deal with people or, crucially, how to say no. Derek, meanwhile, is having the opposite problem, and can’t face the prospect of leasing a little creative control over to Jimmy. Both musicals are suffering for their directors’ respective shortcomings, and it takes a meeting of minds to resolve their issues. The episode is not without its casualties, however, since Sam’s return to town throws Tom for a loop. Those two were always so sweet together, and having the character come back was a lovely reminder of how great he was during season one. There’s a ray of hope for his return when Tom offers him a role in ‘Bombshell’, but Julia later appeals to him about what’s best for the show. READ MORE...


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