Smash Recap: The Naked and the Dreaming

Members of the ensemble!

Perhaps, in your travels, you have heard, or even experienced for yourself, the natural phenomenon known as “the Actor’s Nightmare.” A version of the naked dream for people who are actually comfortable being naked in front of hundreds of people, the Actor’s nightmare involves finding yourself onstage in front of an audience with no idea what play you’re in and only lines from the wrong one to say. Something similar just happened to me. The “Recapper’s Nightmare.” I went to bed for a couple of hours immediately after the show, as is my custom, and as I slept, all sorts of wondrous phrases on the nature of vanity and corruption and decay swam into my slumbering mind. “What a recap this is going to be,” my subconscious whispered, “an unsparing analysis of the sickness of an age that Jonathan Swift himself would envy.” Read More...


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