Arrow Season 1 Review “Salvation”

You’ll have to forgive me for spending a disproportionate amount of time discussing Moira Queen after this week’s episode of Arrow, "Salvation." Although her screen-time was brief, her behavior frustrated me to the point that by the end of the episode, I had lost all sympathy for her. Moira’s meetings with her friend and Malcolm-assassination accomplice, Frank, showed off Moira’s ego and I got the sense that in her head, the wheels were already in motion to use Frank as the fall guy if things went wrong. When Frank suggested that Moira find a way to protect her family, she threw out some line about how there was nothing she wouldn’t do to protect her children. Well, apparently she’s not willing to live an honest, moral life, or give up the Queen fortune and move herself and her family out of Starling City and away from Malcolm and The Glades Undertaking project. READ MORE...


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