Lightfields Series 1 Episode 5 (ITV) Review

Isn’t it funny how weeks and weeks of well-thought out, engaging drama can be completely derailed by one misstep at the very end? Some people might love this final episode of Lightfields but I’m here to say that I wasn’t really one of them. Its fine, in terms of drama and character resolution but, this isn’t a soap opera, it’s a ghost story. At least, I thought it was. In terms of drama and tension, two thirds of this final instalment were a belter. In the 40s Dwight appeals to Lucy’s father for forgiveness and almost gets a hammer to the head, in the 70s Vivien finally decides that getting answers is worth taking her own life, and in 2012 the battle for Luke’s soul (or custody at least) finally reaches a crescendo. It’s great stuff, with some genuinely creepy appearances from Lucy’s ghost more than making up for the lack of supernatural action we’ve seen thus far. READ MORE...


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