Scandal Season 2 Review “Snake in the Garden”

This week’s Scandal was about family. There are very few relationships more complicated than family and dealing with them can be absolutely maddening. But when it gets right down to it, you’d do things for family that you would never do for anyone else. Brace yourselves. This might get a little long. A few thoughts about "Snake in the Garden": I really wasn’t looking forward to the case of the week because I knew that meant we were going to be subjected to a whole lot of Hollis Doyle. But because I love Scandal so much, I just gritted my teeth and bore it. Hollis and one of his ex-wives (the 4th one I think) went to Olivia and Co. because their youngest daughter, Maybelle, was kidnapped. The kidnapper demanded $20 million dollars wire to an account or he would kill her. Naturally, her mother was absolutely horrified but Hollis didn’t take the kidnapping seriously. He figured that it was just Maybelle trying to swindle him out of his money because he’d cut her off a few months earlier. He strutted around Olivia’s office, tossing out his ridiculous Texasisms, and refusing to pay any money until they had proof that it was actually Maybelle and that she’d actually been kidnapped. In response, the kidnapper sent them Maybelle’s ear. After confirming that it was indeed Maybelle’s ear, Olivia agreed to wire half the money immediately and the other half they would exchange only if they could get Maybelle. They got Maybelle back and everything seemed to be over, but Huck wasn’t entirely convinced. He discovered that Maybelle had kidnapped herself. She’d cut off her own ear and it really was all a ploy to get money from Hollis. Hollis gave Maybelle a choice: she could choose her family or she could have the $20 million, but it also meant that she could never come back. She chose the money. READ MORE...


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