Cult Season 1 Review “The Good Fight”

Two good episodes in a row? Cult is starting to look up! ‘The Good Fight’ saw Skye fall ill from aftereffects brought on by the drug she was slipped in last week’s episode. Her brain going into overdrive, Skye was subjected to a long dream-like sequence set in Billy’s compound. Here, Skye found her missing father, and was very nearly convinced to stay in the dream compound by him, Billy and a ‘reformed’ Kelly. Back out in the real world, Jeff searched for a way to contact Dustin, the kid with the drugs at the party, to no avail. Eventually, Jeff went to Detective Sakelik’s house and stole the confiscated drugs she had stashed away. But actions have consequences; later that day, Jeff’s boss and friend Bert is shot and rushed to hospital. READ MORE...


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