Doctor Who Season 7 Review “The Bells of Saint John”

Doctor Who returned from its season 7 hiatus this week with "The Bells of Saint John." Although the Doctor has had adventures with Clara – or some form of her – in the past, this was the first regular season episode that would introduce us to the version of the character that would be traveling with The Doctor as his companion. In the same way that there were slight variations between "Oswin Oswald" and "Clara Oswin Oswald," this version of Clara Oswald was just a little different than the woman we had met in previous episodes. For starters, there was no Oswin associated with her name at all until she used a portmanteau of "Oswald wins" to create her online username. Present day Clara also didn’t seem quite as curious, fearless, or brilliant as her previous incarnations. Her computer skills were uploaded to her, and although the folks working for the Great Intelligence noted that she was clever, she didn’t seem all that remarkable on her own. To be honest, it was a little bit of a disappointment to discover that this version of Clara was just an adorable average girl with no notable skills. READ MORE...


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