Touch Season 2 Review “Clockwork”

This episode of Touch was one of the better ones this season. I thought we were going to deal mostly with the fallout of Lucy’s death, but they chose not to go there. At least for now. Also, there was a device introduced that could be a pretty big game changer. A few thoughts about "Clockwork": This episode picked up pretty much right where the last one left off. Amelia was still running from the Aster Corp. jerks and Martin was trying to find information on the man in the picture Jake gave him. Abraham showed up because he’d heard about Guillermo’s murders at Breakwire, so Martin left Jake with Abraham and went to Breakwire to try to find out more about the man in the picture. When he got there, the place was pretty much a ghost town. Most of the employees had quit because they were traumatized by Guillermo’s killing spree, and Trevor was just trying to keep the business afloat. I thought Trevor’s response to Martin and all of the horrible events that happened because of him (well, sort of happened because of him) was pretty admirable. Martin and Jake pretty much brought all this trouble on Trevor and his employees, but he didn’t seem to hold it against Martin at all. That says a lot about the kind of person Trevor is and the kind of friend that he is. Perhaps he still feels a sense of obligation to Martin for saving his life all those years ago, but I think it’s more than that. Martin is his friend and he just wants to help. READ MORE...


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