Game of Thrones Season 3 Premiere Review “Valar Dohaeris”

Through two seasons, Game of Thrones developed a knack for subtle character beats, intense brutality, and a generally bleak disposition. While the land of Westeros still isn’t peaches and rosemary, I kept thinking tonight’s episode took a sunnier disposition as it moved the playing pieces around the board. However, listening to tales of the Unsullied slaughtering babies made me realize that we weren’t in a happier place. Westeros is still bleak, brutal, and a generally awful place to live. Instead, what I thought was a show’s sunnier outlook was really my happiness at being thrust back into this world. It’s one of the great things about watching great television: The people on the show become friends. You’re excited when you see them, and you’re happy to spend time with them. Sure, Tyrion may be cramped into a small room, but it’s delightful to watch him fire shots at his sister. More than anything else, tonight’s season premiere was noteworthy mainly because we were back in Westeros. READ MORE...


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