The Good Wife Season 4 Review “The Wheels of Justice”

This episode of The Good Wife left me kind of grossed out by the client of the week, kind of angry for Cary, confused yet again by Alicia, and sort of sad for Diane. A few thoughts about "The Wheels of Justice": The case of the week was rather interesting because it was tried on the fly. Lockhart and Gardner were representing a client named Sweeney who was charged with a misdemeanor gun charge, but the prosecution was stalling in the hopes that they could get him to trial after the Supreme Court handed down a decision that would send him to prison for life. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t have minded seeing him go to prison forever. He was a arrogant, disgusting person who more than likely killed his first wife. That was really the reason the prosecution wanted to send him to prison for life. They couldn’t get him on his wife’s murder, so they were trying to get him under the 3 strikes rule. So, Will and Alicia requested the prosecution honor their request for speedy trial so they could get it to the jury before the opinion came out. The prosecution argued that they weren’t ready, but the judge made them go to trial anyway. Ultimately, Will and Co. were able to prove through expert testimony that Sweeney didn’t fire the gun and he escaped a life sentence. READ MORE...


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