Bates Motel Season 1 Review “What’s Wrong With Norman”

One of my favorite new shows returned tonight as Bates Motel aired their third and possibly best episode with "What’s Wrong With Norman". Tonight’s installment not only gives us a better look at Norman’s disturbed psyche, but we see exactly what kind of job Dylan signed up for and what kind of trouble Norma Bates might be getting into. Our first big event tonight was Norman blacking out while he was at school, as he had his most vivid and disturbing fantasy yet as he actually pictured Ms. Watson all tied up like one of the girls in his journal. It’s one thing to look at drawings of girls in a journal as you flick your flashlight on and off again like he did last week, but now he’s made the considerable leap to picturing a real life person that he knows being tortured. Some might argue that Norman’s slipping into madness is being quickened quite a bit, as he’s making considerable leaps in craziness from episode to episode, but I guess they need to shove a lot of character development into only 10 episodes. READ MORE...


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