Lost Girl Season 3 Review “Adventures in Fae-bysitting”

On the latest episode of "Lost Girl," we got a second Bo & Kenzi go undercover in a row, with the amusingly-titled "Adventures in Fae-bysitting." Of the two, I’d have to say the last one was way funnier, but this one had some interesting twists that made it not your average case-of-the-week type episode, particularly in regards to the fact that everything was not neatly resolved in the slightest, and there wasn’t exactly a happy ending for those innocents involved. The crime seemingly involved a series of suburban people caught cheating and subsequently killed for it, with all roads leading back to their nubile babysitter, Lisa, aka "Tits McGee." (LOL.) But was someone else actually pulling the strings? Someone with fae abilities? Perhaps more than one? It was up to our girls to investigate: "Alert the neighborhood watch: hotties be invading," indeed. READ MORE...


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