Cougar Town Season 4 Review “The Criminal Kind”

Though not a full-on homage, this week’s Cougar Town had several great references to The Breakfast Club that made "The Criminal Kind" one of the most light-hearted episodes of the season. The funny shout outs to the John Hughes classic all served a purpose, though, as several members of the Cul-de-Sac Crew struggled to accept the roles they filled within the group. Of course, Ellie has long accepted her cruel nature, so instead she was helping Grayson come to terms with his jerk side. It wasn’t a surprise that Ellie was the one leaving the nasty Yelp reviews of Grayson, but it was ultimately another sweet moment between the two. Their love/hate relationship has always been more love than they’d like to admit, so any moment where the two bond over their mutual cruelty is oddly sweet. READ MORE...


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