'Psych' 100th episode West Coast airing - watch here (video)

Wednesday night (March 27), "Psych" celebrated its 100th episode with an excellent "Clue"-themed episode, complete with different endings the cast filmed and then letting the viewers live-vote on which ending they wanted to see. The East Coast version saw Clizsby the Butler as the killer of Melinda Lane and Rip, but who dun it for the West Coast airing? Turns out we should've stayed up -- we were voting for the author, Martin Kahn, all day and he turned out to be the culprit for the second broadcast.Kahn was in love with Melinda and killed her because she only had eyes for the band. Then he used the book to frame Billy as the killer. What an intriguing ending -- way better than the butler ending (no offense). Can't wait to see the third ending on the Season 7 DVDs.What did you think, "Psych"-Os?...



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