'Beauty and the Beast' interview: Nina Lisandrello shares Tess' reaction to the big secret

At the end of the last "Beauty and the Beast" episode, "Insatiable," Tess (Nina Lisandrello) confronts and shoots Vincent (Jay Ryan) -- only to then see Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) rush to Vincent's aid. What could possibly come after an ending like that? Nina Lisandrello shared a few hints about what is to come on the show and with Tess.Since the last episode ends with Tess shooting Vincent, what comes next?Nina Lisandrello: The episode literally picks up from where we left off. And you know it's Tess shooting Vincent, and Catherine running in, screaming, "No!" Tess really believes that her partner is there to cover her, and then all of the sudden, it all becomes very clear what is going on, and Tess becomes overwhelmed and takes off.How much of the secret will Tess find out?Nina Lisandrello: Tess is going to find out everything. It's up to her to decide what's she's going to do...



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