'Castle' exclusive video: Rick witnesses a murder in the 100th episode

The 100th episode of "Castle," appropriately titled "The Lives of Others," puts Rick Castle right into the middle of a "Rear Window"-style mystery. While recovering from an injury, the bored writer takes to spying. But what he sees may be deadly.In this video, Castle (Nathan Fillion) gets a good look at the neighbors across the street. What first appears to be nothing but a passionate tryst soon gets more complicated. Castle, watching through his binoculars, sees a young woman about to head to bed with a man in a fedora. Things are not, however, what they seem. Just before anything really good can happen, another man walks into the apartment. It seems that the young lady has been doing a little bit of messing around with Fedora Guy. Initially, this is kept secret from her man -- until he finds the fedora on the floor.Later on, because Castle apparently has absolutely nothing better to do...



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