Scandal Recap: Something Mellie This Way Comes

Wedged between the return of sociopathic hit men, staged suicides, stunted romance and screaming someone into sobriety is a valuable lesson: Sawing off your own ear is the best way to win a family feud.

Cyrus, desperate to get back into the ring with Fitz, brings former CIA agent and current hitman for hire Charlie back into the fold by asking him to dig up information on Captain Ballard. Charlie does figure out how the President and Ballard know each other (a shady operation during their military time when his plane went down in Iranian airspace), and Cyrus uses that information to get back in Fitz’s good graces through old-fashioned “I Know What You Did Last Summer” blackmail. Cyrus is incredibly corrupt yet prideful, and I appreciate his willingness to flaunt his backhanded dealings in everyone’s face like a pair of skid-marked chonies. Read More...


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