'Hemlock Grove' preview: Famke Janssen oversees gruesome werewolf transformation

"Hemlock Grove" is making a gruesome splash on WonderCon weekend. In a video clip that premiered on IGN, Famke Janssen's character, Olivia Godfrey, looks on with frightening satisfaction as a handsome young man makes his slow and terrifying transformation into a werewolf.The show, which released its official poster earlier this month, uses the tagline, "The monster is within." And based on this preview, it's not just a saying. After the dude's eyeballs pop out on to the ground to be replaced by beady wolf eyes, and after claws protrude from what used to be his human hands, the face of the beast emerges straight from his face as bloody human teeth hit the ground in piles. It almost makes you forget about what just happened to the guy's back ... Almost.The premise of "Hemlock Grove" -- brought to you by Eli Roth ("Grindhouse," "Hostel") and based on the novel by Brian McGreevy -- is a...



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