Californication Review: Decadence Incarnate

Atticus took a break from doing cocaine off his mirror this week, to actually look at himself in it. Just when Hank had found his creative mojo again and Charlie was on the path to career reincarnation, their meal ticket decided to hang up his leather pants and work on his sobriety this week on "The Abby." 

Unable to bring down the walls of Castle Abstinence on their first attempt, Hank and Faith needed some bigger guns and few can pop off more colorfully than Richard Bates. I think I would have gone to class a lot more consistently in college if he had been one of my professors. His message to live first, write later, was very apropos given Becca's choice to go abroad. His passion for teaching was evident, but all Hank had to do was dangle the adventure of smuggling drugs into rehab in front of his nose and he was out the door like Indiana Jones.  Read More...


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