'Walking Dead' Season 3 finale episode 16 recap: 'Welcome to the Tombs' is a bloody finish

The most telling line in "The Walking Dead" Season 3 finale came from the Governor: "In this life now, you kill or you die. Or you die and you kill."More than the mantra of a homicidal lunatic, the choice of whether or not to buy into that way of thinking is the essential dilemma that every single character on "The Walking Dead" faces. And we saw variations on it repeated over and over throughout the hour.Obviously, it's how the Governor operates. When Milton refuses to kill Andrea, and the people of Woodbury refuse to hunt down Rick's group after getting chased out of the prison, the Governor has no use for them. They won't kill? They deserve to die. When he snapped and massacred his own soldiers -- sparing only the two who have proven themselves most loyal time and time again -- it was simply a larger scale version of stabbing Milton and...



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