The Good Wife Recap: Modern Love

Okay, wow. Three episodes left and we’re finally getting a clear picture of the two big, juicy arcs — besides the election — that will take us through to the end. Commenters, you’ve been doing some excellent work these past few weeks around Alicia’s motivations in staying with Peter: She’s calculating, she’s risk-averse, she’s repressed and keeping up appearances and enjoying the platform Peter’s political status confers. But what do we make of her lonely almost drunk-dial to Will in the final scene of “The Wheels of Justice”? What was she going to say? Just when we thought the Willicia thread had made its exit against the backdrop of a dozen drunken cops and Irishmen, Alicia’s subconscious fantasy life brings it right back to the forefront. Paging Dr. Freud! (Sidebar: Did anyone else think for a second that when Alicia picked up the phone the Voice Mail of Love was about to make its triumphant return?) Read More...


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