The Voice Recap: Have These People Ever Met?

Welcome back to The Voice. This was quite a long two hours. After a brief montage of previous events, we joined American Hero Adam Levine, Justin Bieber Survivor Usher Raymond, Women's Right Advocate Blake Shelton, Cirque Du Soleil Perfomer Shakira, and a ghost flitting around the side of the screen (tt's Carson Daly!) backstage. The camera panned to the judges, wearing the same outfits they always wear, as they tried to speak Spanish to each other. I can't even. On a separate note, why are the judges always wearing the same outfits? I sort of think it's rude. This saga is happening in epic intervals for the rest of us. It is like The Thornbirds. I resent that it's just one long day for the judges. I resent it, I say! Although this perhaps explains why all of the judges keep acting like they have never seen each other before and are meeting for the very first time. Read More...


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