The Following Recap: Missed Connections

I’m imagining a future gathering of people in a room, like the kind where AA meetings take place. Alcohol is being consumed in this room, though. Lots of it. Even the booze that never gets drunk, like just straight cocktail mixers, are being poured into paper cups and downed. The attendees have all been victims on this show, except not of Joe Carroll’s “monomaniacal need to kill” but of Ryan Hardy’s jaunty incompetence and refusal to take a single time-management course. There’s Weston and Tyson both still in comas but propped up in chairs, Weekend at Bernie’s–style. There’s the gas station cashier girl who was tied up back in the Threesome’s Company episodes. There’s Hardy’s sister. And there’s the woman from this week, the manager of Whips and Regret, the S&M nightclub with the name that wants to be a pun but just isn’t. Let’s call this woman Code Word Red. Read More...


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