'Splash' results: Kendra Wilkinson's fears get the better of her

"Splash," ABC's new celebrity diving competition, is all about celebs overcoming physical and mental limitations in order to be the best divers they can be. But on this week's episode, Playboy playmate and reality star Kendra Wilkinson threw in the towel.This episode focused on synchronized partner dives. Wilkinson was paired with extreme skier Rory Bushfield, and the duo was set to do a partner dive that involved Bushfield holding Wilkinson while they flipped. Her crippling fear of heights became a major obstacle -- as did his health, since he ruptured an eardrum in practice and was advised by doctors not to dive. He went against medical advice and decided to do the dive anyway, but when he and Wilkinson took to the board, she couldn't get past her terror. She stood on the platform, but refused to make the dive. "I'm so sorry, everybody," she said sadly. "This is the first time in my life...



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