'Justified' Season 4 finale: 'Ghosts' of Harlan past haunt Raylan and Boyd

Early in the fourth-season finale of "Justified," one of the Detroit thugs holding Winona and Raylan at gunpoint references "The Friends of Eddie Coyle," a fantastic but supremely downbeat crime movie from the early '70s about a small-time mobster who can't escape the life he leads.That pretty well sums up the events in the finale, "Ghosts," as well. The show's two central characters, Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder, end a season that dredged up a whole bunch of unpleasant memories unable to purge those memories completely. Raylan ensures that Winona and his baby are safe, and Boyd adds a big chunk of new business, but neither one of them is walking away happy.Raylan, at least, can start his suspension from the marshal's service knowing that his ex-wife and child are OK -- Winona even helps Raylan eliminate Nicky Augustine's cinephile muscleman and two other guys who want to pressure Raylan into giving up Drew Thompson's...



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