The Syndicate Series 2 Episode 3 (BBC) Review

After quite enjoying last week’s Tom-centric episode of The Syndicate, this week’s decision to focus on benefit-cheating nurse Rose didn’t quite live up to my expectations. While it had some interesting things to say about the individual case-by-case reasons for taking benefits you’re not necessarily allowed, the episode was overwhelmingly on Rose’s side throughout, and I wasn’t quite on the same page. Flashing back to before the group’s big lottery win, we see the difficult life Rose must lead with five kids all needing something to achieve their big dreams. One daughter wants to be a dancer like her mum nearly was, another wants to go to university at £9,000 a year, and her son has just been kicked out of his house with a baby son on account of him being a bone idle layabout. In short, this is the sort of family that could do with some free money coming in, and they barely seem to make ends meet even with the extra couple of hundred they receive each week.READ MORE...


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