Justified Season 4 Review “Ghosts”

I don’t like being wrong. However, I was happy to have mis-predicted events in the Season Four finale of Justified. I was actually going to be disappointed if my prognostications turned out to be correct, because there is no fun in watching a show that is completely predictable. Ava did not end up taking a dirt nap, but is now incarcerated for the murder of Delroy. The person who helped bust her is none other than the preacher’s sister. A fitting retribution for Boyd’s role in her brother’s death. The episode shot out of the gate with bad guys holding Winona hostage in her home. Raylan arrived on the scene and was presented the ultimatum that he hand over Drew Thompson or Winona and the baby would die. I briefly thought that Raylan might buckle to intimidation and try to comply with their request. That did not happen. Raylan refused to give them Thompson then shot two of the captors. In a spectacular moment of couples bonding, Winona and Raylan dispatched the third guy together. As a result of the assault on his family, Raylan went into full revenge mode. READ MORE...


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