Survivor: Caramoan Review “Blindside Time”

Survivor: Caramoan returned tonight with "Blindside Time", as we see Gota and Bikal merge into Enil Edam! It was so sweet of Malcolm to name the merged tribe after his mom, but it’s going to be weird typing out that strange name for the remainder of the season. Anyway, we quickly see certain tribe members start to pair up and try to make their own alliances, with Corinne and Malcolm being standouts as they plot to blindside Phillip. Because as Corinne and the episode title would indicate: "It’s blindside time!" I find it a little strange that none of the fans seem to be making any effort to get any further in this game. In fact, the fans seem to be getting absolutely zero screen time. I realize that there’s more favorites left than fans, but they could at least make an effort to show anybody except Reynold. READ MORE...


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